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ROLLOVER™ Gift Basket #11

Item ID Starting Bid Bids Current Bid
53460 $15.00 11 $55.00

Winning Bid Amount


VALUE: $75

Makes a great gift!

  • ROLLOVER™ Lamb Stuffed Beef Hoof
  • ROLLOVER™ Meaty Lamb Stuffed Femur Bone
  • ROLLOVER™ Super Premium Beef & Veggie Dinner
  • ROLLOVER™ Super Premium Wild Pacific Salmon Dinner
  • ROLLOVER™ Premium Chicken Dog Food
  • ROLLOVER™ Salmon Stuffed California Wraps Dog Treat
  • ROLLOVER™  Salmon Stuffed Planks (L)
  • ROLLOVER™  Gourmet Crunchy Chicken Biscuits
  • ROLLOVER™ Turkey Stuffed California Wraps Dog Treat